AGM 2017 Minutes

The Harborough Feathers AGM took place on 16th May 2017. Please find a link to the minutes from the AGM below.

Harborough Feathers AGM minutes 2017

There was a low turn out at the AGM and a lack of apologies given. This was extremely disappointing, as it is very difficult to make decisions that are in the best interest of the club if there is no input from the Membership. You will see that the decision was taken to increase membership fees to £130, with £20 being given back to members who attended the AGM. The committee has since decided to suspend this increase for one year, for a decision to be made at the 2018 AGM to allow members to give their opinion. However, if members don’t attend the AGM, then the committee has to make decisions that may be unpopular.

We continue to encourage all members to take an active interest in the running of the club, as without this the club cannot function. If you are willing to get involved, please speak to one of the existing committee members.