Proposed Return to Play – Fri 30th Oct

After consulting our members we’ve decided we have enough players interested to make club nights viable so…

Harborough Feathers will return to club play at Welland Park School on Friday 30th October.

But in these exceptional times club nights will be different. We must follow social distancing guidelines Badminton England have agreed with the Government. We will be giving out more information over the next few weeks but here are some highlights.

  • First club night Friday 30th October at 7:30pm.
  • No joining fee – we will have a pay before you play booking system.
  • To allow enough space for social distancing we will play on 2 courts only.
  • Our club nights will accommodate a maximum of 12 players.
  • It will be necessary to pre-book your slot.
  • Players will be split into two bubbles of 6.

Club members have been asking for information on what our club nights will look like. Badminton England have agreed two options for how club nights can be run:

  • Option 1 – Casual Club Play
  • Option 2 – Club Match Play

See here if you are interested in reading more detail.

The committee has decided to go with the “Casual Club Play” for our first club night on 30th October. With Casual Play (remember for social distancing reasons we are only playing on two courts):

  • Members will be divided into two pods of 6 players and you will be assigned to either “Pod A” or “Pod B” in advance of the night.
  • Players can partner anyone in their pod against any other pairing taken from their pod.
  • At any time 8 members will be playing and 2 members from each pod will be sitting off – each pod in their own sitting area. Players sitting off should remember to stay 2m apart as far as possible.

Please see the link below which shows courts, and seating areas for each pod:

We look forward to seeing many of you on court soon.

Harborough Feathers Committee